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HMRC’s latest powers which came into force in April 2009, places a greater burden on tax payers and their agents to provide documentation in support of their tax returns.

Being investigated by HMRC can be disruptive, intrusive and expensive. Some cases can drag on for a year or more, saddling you with spiralling stress levels and mounting costs.

Specifically designed for clients of Parker Cavendish, Tax Club seeks to provide our clients with the right level of representation in the event they are subject to an investigation by the UK tax authorities.

Membership is open to Business and Private Clients.

Business Client

  • Incorporated business or a partnership
  • An individual who is required to complete the self-employment pages of a tax return and/or the land and property pages of a tax return, where the gross annual income from land and property rents is greater than £50,000

Investigations into the tax return of the directors and partners of a business covered by our scheme are also included, provided we act as the tax return agent for the individuals concerned. The tax return must be a personal, non-business return, which should not include any self-employment pages, and gross annual rental income (per individual) must not exceed £50,000. If an individual falls outside of these criteria, private client membership is available.

Private Client

An individual not falling within the definition of a business client.

Tax Club membership provides our clients with the equivalent of up to £100,000 of professional fees per incident resulting from HMRC investigations or disputes for both full and aspect enquiries, pre-disputes, reviews, compliance checks or interventions.

The security of knowing that we can dedicate all the time and resources we need to represent you – and that you don’t need to worry about our fees.

For more information

Download our client information sheet or contact our membership secretary on +44 (0) 20 8954 2727 or email

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